these are a few of my favorite things

whew. launch days, or in this case, re-launch days, always make me a little nervous. so many last minute loose ends and last minute tweaks. i always end up with a lot of nervous energy, and not a lot to do but monitor for hiccups.  all in all, yesterday went pretty smoothly. just one little glitch with pinterest that i am hopeful we will shortly smooth out. otherwise, a successful relaunch day. you all were so loving and encouraging. i really appreciate it more than you can possibly know. i did get a few mourners who will miss the white, but even that was a tribute of sorts to five years of dedicated work. so, one great big huge mediterranean three-cheek kiss (the special-occasion kind) to all of you! you make this labor of love so much about love and so little about labor. thank you.

an assemblage of some of my favorite languedocien collections

autignac, france

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