scurrying to prepare for winter

we are starting to prepare for our return home. we have two weeks left. i know for most people, that sounds like a nice long vacation. but, i am feeling nothing but time running out. i have a house full of nature finds, and enough paper scraps from my collage work that i may need to hire a dumpster. i am heading back to sub-zero (fahrenheit mind you) weather, and a landscape covered in two feet of snow. i have done five winters of STILL images, so i shouldn’t be anxious. but, let’s face it, bare winter stems on a white background looks minimal and artsy. on a black background, it will be tricky. very tricky. so, like a squirrel preparing for winter, i am scurrying around and photographing everything i see on my new black tagboard. these geraniums grow in pots that line our terrace here in autignac. they are still blooming in january. which is a reason to be joyful about living here right now. and another reason to feel panicky about the approach of our departure date. there are no geraniums in minnesota right now.


autignac, france

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