making magic

making magic

i have spent several weeks now trying to get ready for a photo shoot. it sounds ridiculous but better homes and gardens is going to be featuring our home. once i learned that, i subsequently learned that they have a circulation of over 7 million, which freaked me out. so i turned to my good friend and irreplaceable style and design genius, liz gardner. what we have been trying to do is make some magic, and i think we’ve succeeded, but making magic takes a lot of work, and it is difficult to make magic and also make art. i don’t have any regrets. but i’m looking forward to making art again.



  • MGK says:

    Today I read the Better Homes and Gardens article about your art and home. I am so delighted by nature, and equally delighted by your photography of it. Really beautiful work; thank you for sharing it with others. Incidentally, the dining table pictured in the BH&G article is quite like what I’m seeking. Please can you tell me what brand it is or where you found it please?


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