sorry friend

sorry friend

this guy tried scooting under my car on the way up our driveway and changed his mind at exactly the wrong time. i’m one of those drivers who breaks for everything, mice, voles, crows, robins, rabbits, opossums, raccoons, and deer. but i didn’t have time to break for this red squirrel, so i thought it only fair to take his portrait, and celebrate the quick, taut life he livedĀ inside that resplendent, copper coat. i’m guessing he has scolded me dozens of times as i got in the car in the morning, and awakened me too early at many summer sunrises. iĀ don’t begrudge him a thing.

red squirrel

shoreview, saint paul, minnesota

  • Tracey Martin says:

    Beautiful red coat. Once tried to achieve this hair colour…best left to nature!


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