during the tax filing season, when my husband is in his office 12 hours a day, and his tax clients come filing through every hour and a half, i sometimes start dinner in the middle of the afternoon, in order to fill the house with a little moist heat and some hearth smells. based on this experience, i can’t tell you how universally the smell of sauteeing garlic and onions works as a human tranquilizer. no one is ever that happy to be coming to do their taxes. yet almost every time, they step in out of the cold, smell garlic, onions, and olive oil, and soften visibly. they just stand inside the front door, and spend a second or two in the moment, aware of the beautiful smell. then they always ask, “what are you cooking?” “prozac,” i say. “i’m cooking prozac.”


saint paul farmers market, minnesota

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