(almost) back in the groove

(almost) back in the groove

it has been so restoring to spend several days making assemblages and playing in my studio again. i hope you could tell that the last two days of images were more engaged and inspired than the recent past. at least it felt that way to me. “i’m back in the groove,” i told myself. then, today, i had a relapse. i looked up around 5:00 and it was almost dark outside, and i was reminded that i have this little daily practice called STILL blog that doesn’t go away even when i’m busy catching up from two weeks of a circus atmosphere in my house.  fortunately, the wind had spent the day playing, even if i hadn’t. it left me this little gift of windblown and photogenically random fall leaves. i grabbed my camera and made it just under the wire.

assorted october leaves

minneapolis, minnesota

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