you’re a good little saver, keep going!

you’re a good little saver, keep going!

today, i opened a hardback book for reasons other than an afternoon on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good story. i collect leaves to press ad hoc as i’m walking and as opportunities present themselves. when i get home, i slide them between the pages of a hardback book, and then balance one leg of a table on the book to serve as the press. i do this so impulsively and instinctively that often i have no idea what is in the book later when it is time to open it up. this is what was waiting for me today. i opened up the book, spread out my finds from the last 2 1/2 months, and thought to myself, “you’re a good little saver, keep going!” this has nothing to do with leaves, or with pressing plants, or with hardcover books. it is a line my family quotes to each other regularly from a stand-up routine by jim jefferies on gun control. it’s one of the funniest political bits i’ve ever seen (unless you are one of the 10 percent of the 50 percent who don’t agree with him and who are “seething.”) if you can take a joke, part one of the (extremely foul-mouthed) routine is here. part two (which contains my quote) is here. i will block and delete all trolls and anyone trying to start a conversation on gun control in the comments section because this blog is not a democracy but a benign dictatorship.

round-up of pressed languedocian leaves

  • Carol says:

    Amen. Love his videos


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