would i or wouldn’t i?

would i or wouldn’t i?

i think a lot about what still blog would be if i lived somewhere more colorful. this bright splash of saffron was just one of many flowers i could have snipped and photographed on my short walk from our rental house in california to the coffee shop in town. it is so much fun to have color to photograph and it makes life so much easier in so many ways, and yet . . . i don’t just sort of think that constraints generate creativity. i believe it deep in my bones. and if i had had nothing but color to look at every day for six years, i’m not sure i’d love still blog as much as i do now, with its muted colors and whole winters full of grays and browns, and its compositions born sometimes out of constraints and sometimes out of something closer to desperation. if i could live somewhere tropical, or somewhere where it was possible to grow tropical plants most of the year, would i, or wouldn’t i, take that offer. i’d sure need to think about it.

Crocosmia (montbretia) flower

stinson beach, california

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