as i have mentioned, my daughter is home from college finishing her senior year doing distance learning. what i haven’t mentioned, is that she is taking an experimental film class this quarter and she has decided that my camera is better then hers for making video. so every day we barter about who gets the camera when. since i have a daily deadline, i usually trump her. but on the days before her weekly deadline, she trumps me. today she won. and since her final project is an ambitious one, she had my camera all day. so. i dug into recent unpublished photos and found this lilac. after claiming that the one floret i published last week was all that was needed to say “lilac”, i am a little sheepish to now present a traditional lilacs-in-abundance image. but today was about priorities. and i can recognize them when i need to.


  • Ginny says:

    Ya done good Mom! And one can never have too many lilacs in spring, methinks.


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