welcome 2022!

welcome 2022!

i am not someone who makes new year’s resolutions. but i am someone who likes to spend a few days at the beginning of each new year to take stock; to reflect on the past year, and to dream about the coming year. tonight i will begin that process with my husband and son (and his girlfriend) around the fire as the snow falls and the temps drop below zero. i doubt i will have any big insights to share with you by tomorrow…i am guessing i may be at this for a few days. but when i do, i will be happy to share them with you. last year went by in a blasé blur for me, as it did for many of us. i am planning to take some definitive steps to make sure 2022 isn’t a repeat.

pampas grasses in the snow

  • Ginny says:

    MJ, I’m so looking forward to the beauty you’ll share in 2022!


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