vincas and violets

vincas and violets

On Saturday morning I will be giving a one hour lecture on my new book (STILL: The Art of Noticing) at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. A few days after that, on May 1, I will be hosting my Pub Day Book Launch party at a local Garden shop and farm-to-table restaurant.  In other words, I am feeling a little under the gun and scattered. All I had time for today was a handful of periwinkles (vincas) and violets from my yard. The two purples place nice together, I think. Oh, how I miss having enough time to arrange them into a composition worthy of their beauty. Soon….soon.

periwinkles (vincas and violets) and violets (Viola)



  • Carol says:

    Prrfect the way they are thank you very much!

  • Old Lady Gardener says:

    Two beautiful garden thugs!
    Did you know common violets produce seeds two ways?? In spring they set seed via flowers followed by seed pods – classic! But during the summer months, they produces flower buds that never open (called cleistogamous flowers) but which develop into fruits with fertile seeds. Thus, they are prodigious self-seeders.
    Hope you are able to enjoy all the attention amidst the seeming pandemonium!


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