cup plant stalks

pike island, at the confluence of the minnesota and mississippi rivers

saint paul, minnesota

  • margie says:

    great image

    • still says:

      Hi Margie-
      Thanks, I thought they were striking too.
      Any idea what these may be?? The plant was six feet tall, and in a wetland habitat on an island.
      I spent quite a while trying to identify them and came up blank.
      Mary Jo

  • Great blog, I like your theme, what is the name of your theme and blog platform please ?_ I’d like to use them for my own blog..
    Thanks, see ya ! :p

    • still says:

      STILL blog was a custom design. I couldn’t find a theme I liked that had all the nav buttons I wanted, so I had Josh Clancy design what I wanted.
      You can find his contact info under the “about” button, and contact him about sharing the design as a template. Good luck with your blog!


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