trying too hard

trying too hard

i have mixed feelings about lilies. i love their sculptural petals. look at those two on top there, cresting like ocean waves.  but i don’t like their front so much. i’m not a prude, but that’s a lot of sex parts hanging out there on display. they look desperate to me, like the girl in the bar wearing too much makeup and too little top. i want to pull up a chair to explain how they are never going to attract a nice pollinator if they look like that. but i’m guessing they would just laugh at me, and point to the crowd buzzing just behind me, lined up and waiting for a moment or two of trashy sweetness.

lily flower (lilium)

  • Katherine Emmons says:

    Plus, take a walk through any swanky hotel lobby – like many desperate women, lilies are wearing way too much perfume.


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