it has taken me over two weeks to transition from france to minnesota this time.  i have no idea why. but i have only just recently felt settled. i have been trying to unravel why i have felt so off kilter for the past several weeks: age, hormones, busyness, household illnesses. but in the end, i think it has a lot to do with…believe it or not…humidity. we left a hot dry region where the wind always blows, and came home to 90 degrees, 90% humidity, and perfectly still air.  it was as if the earth had stopped spinning on its axis. i felt a lot like a little kid who has just stepped off the still spinning merry-go-round.

well, i got my footing just in time to begin another transition. summer into fall.  from a STILL blog perspective, these transition months are my favorite. so much material to choose from. so although i am personally craving ordinary routine, this is one transition i can look forward to. bring it on.

lily of the valley leaves in late august

saint paul, minnesota

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