time of rest

time of rest

Today I gave another talk to 60 members of The Lake Minnetonka Garden Club. It was well received. I so love doing these Garden Club of America talks–such engaged and enthusiastic members. Today’s talk marks the official end of my Book Launch events; for a couple of weeks anyways. And, boy oh boy, I am ready for a break. The past four weeks have been a pace I have not tried to maintain for at least two decades. I did my best. It was, by all accounts, a very successful Book Launch. We sold out the entire print run, and are going into a second printing! Woop! Woop!  Thank you all who bought the book! I may be spent, but it is a very happy fatigue. Thank you.

I think we have only one native toad in our yard: the eastern american toad. This well camouflaged not-so-little guy became visible when we started moving the terra-cotta pots around on the front stoop this afternoon. He absolutely did not want to sit still for a portrait. This was all I got before he disappeared into the tall grass.

eastern American toad (A. a. americanus)

  • Old Lady Gardener says:

    Enjoy your well earned, perhaps temporary, rest Mary Jo. I’m thrilled for you that your book launch was such a smashing success! Way to go, gal!!


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