the nose in front of your face

the nose in front of your face

you know how you can hold your raised finger up against the bridge of your nose, and it is so close that you almost can’t see it? that’s how i feel about never having photographed an oyster for STILL blog until today. nine years and six trips to the same village in the languedoc, with oysters delivered to our village square every week, and not once has it occurred to me that an oyster might be an interesting subject for a post. it’s like the back of my hand. yup. there it is. all the time. every day. couple of veins and a few freckles. not gonna feature it in a STILL blog post . . .

huîtres de Bouzigues (oyster from the Etang de Thau)

  • Patty says:

    Beautifully expressed.


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