the neighbors

our house’s outer envelope is fairly porous in every season but winter. it does not contain us inside very well, nor does it keep out the neighbors, who wander in through open doors, and sometimes, as in the case of the red bellied snake last week, sun themselves on the carpet. Other times, our guests find dark corners, where other guests are already waiting for them.

daddy longlegs found in corners.

in and around my house, saint paul mn

  • Nicola says:

    The more I follow your blog and its stunning images, the more I realise I am not alone!!!! I am not the only person who collects dead insects! Driftwood , feathers and sees the beauty in the unnoticed xxx I LOVE your work xxxxxx Nicola x UK

  • margie says:

    oh my what an amazing collection

  • Leslie Ann Rice says:

    Looks like a different Pilates Class then mine.


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