the colors of spring are soft

the colors of spring are soft

I do like these soft colors of early spring, before there has been enough light to convert into energy and intensify the colors. Things are happening here in the North. But it is still subtle, and if you you’re not looking for it, you will miss it.  The only thing not hard to miss right now are the returning birds. My favorite naturalist, Larry Weber, says the birds are northing (a term I had never heard before). Eagles, osprey, hawks, owls, swans, geese, and crows are the easiest to spot right now. This afternoon, a bald eagle swept over our cattails and was making a noise I hadn’t heard before. When I looked it up, it was its mating call. Every day in spring is a delight.

unidentified early spring buds

  • Old Lady Gardener says:

    These beautiful buds are wearing a sort of sunscreen! It looks like the same sort of bloom (that waxy white coating) that is seen on blueberries and plums. Nature is amazing, huh?


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