that’s gotta hurt

think about how it feels to tweeze an eyebrow, or pull an indivdiual hair from your head, or, heaven forfend, wax a patch of leg. then think about poor clove, our long suffering hen, who contracted a case of pasty butt at two weeks old, then became egg bound, then sprained her hip, then swallowed a sharp plastic gardening tag and sneezed blood in her efforts to spit the tag back out. four days ago, she was attacked by a fox, and lost, among other things, the tailfeathers above. this morning she tucked heartily into her morning scratch feed, and ignored the harassment of her bullying sister, glimmer. she’s a quiet soul. and a tough cookie.

tail feathers from Clove, our golden buff chicken

saint paul, minnesota

  • margie says:

    clove you are strong , you are woman


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