i’ve got christmas on the brain, because for the first time ever i jumped online during cyber-monday to snag a few items on sale for gift giving. typically, i avoid black-friday, and cyber-monday intentionally. i dislike the hyper-consumerism of the holidays so i try to avoid it. i like to give gifts, but i prefer to give very few, thoughtful, often locally made items. i like to support my artist and maker friends this time of year, so i will often buy scarves and socks from martha, ceramic vases from cym, bees wax candles from anna, and wreathes of minnesota botanicals from christine. and of course, quarts of honey from our backyard bees. but this year, my kids wanted a few things that i could only get online. so, i scanned the sales on cyber-monday just like everyone else. it wasn’t personal. it wasn’t memorable nor particularly pleasant. but i did get a few deals. so, there you have it–the conundrum of our contemporary world in a a nutshell. one of these years, i am hoping we will all agree to hand-made items only during the holidays. but my kids are still young enough to hope mom and dad will come through on at least a few of their “wants”. soon. very soon, i think they will be ready for a change.

austrian pine needles and star anise

  • Old Lady Gardener says:

    Sounds as if you’re a “small business Saturday” sort of gal! This year I’m striving for a gift strategy of “edible, thrifted, regifted, second hand” etc. There’s already so much STUFF in the world!! Why not just redistribute it into hands that will treasure it?


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