striped tights

yesterday i picked up these horsetail stems, which, today, I wouldn’t have seen at all, because today everything is blanketed in four inches of fresh snow. i think we are last in line for spring this year. i love the black and white joints.  i think the pattern would make for fun tights.

horsetail is a living fossil. it used to dominate the understory of paleozoic forests, but now, among other locations, it grows politely along the swampy edge of rice creek.

rice creek regional trail, saint paul, minnesota

  • margie says:

    one of my personal favourites

  • janine says:

    I have a big bunch in a vase that I’ve had for years. They look great after they dry too – many shades of tan and brown with black rings.

  • Sid Crim says:

    Horsetail contains silicon, which plays a role in strengthening bone. For that reason, it is sometimes suggested as a treatment for osteoporosis. It is also used as a diuretic, and as an ingredient in some cosmetics. However, very few studies have looked at horsetail’s effect in humans….*.

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