unintentionally, this circle appears to be full of sheaves of wheat and corn tassels. for some reason it reminds me of a fall harvest still life. or maybe that’s just because i have a new word on my mind. sometime around the new year i heard gretchen rubin recommend that instead of a new year’s resolution, we should all just pick one word that would be our symbolic word throughout the next year. the word i picked was “reap.” we spent so much of 2015 sowing seeds, planting possibilities, and deferring gratification, that i felt 2016 was the time to begin doing some reaping. not grim reaping. joyful reaping. i’m not going to wear a hood and cape and carry a scythe. i plan to wear an artist’s smock, and carry a fistful of sharpies.

bits and pieces: linden calyces, white pine needles, hydrangea blossoms, cedar tips, juniper berries, smac berries, daylily seed pods, dried leaves

saint paul, minnesota

  • mary says:

    This is really wonderful!

  • Nielz says:

    Smock! Smock! I like to say smock!*

    *Calvin & Hobbes

  • lw says:

    Such a beautiful display!


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