sitting yogi

sitting yogi

when my days are full–when I’m caring for my mom, for instance, or when, like today, i decide for some reason to make an unnecessarily time-consuming bolognese sauce, i know i can always go outside and find a wild grapevine, any one, and every tendril on the vine will be STILL worthy. tendrils are my most enduring STILL subjects. i never sell prints of them for some reason. designers seem to prefer more lush, busy, or colorful compositions. but i love them all more for their lack of notoriety. the bound-up vitality and life energy in tendrils is so evocative for me. this particular tendril reminds me of a sitting yogi, with his legs in a pretzel, doing seated meditation.

wild grapevine tendril

  • Katherine Emmons says:

    For the record – I always love these spare ones the best <3


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