signs of spring (2 of 6)

signs of spring (2 of 6)

Is there a more triumphant sign of spring than the crocus? Look at those arms thrown wide open, embracing the sun! We planted 100 crocuses last fall. We are awaiting the rains the help them take off. BBut those of you lucky enough to have south-facing lots are already enjoying crocus season. One of the best seasons of the year.


  • Old Lady Gardener says:

    I could not agree more! The earliest bulbs give such an incredible lift to the winter-weary soul, all out of proportion to their size and longevity. A single bulb multiplies quickly into a charming little bouquet in just a couple years. I have hundreds in my garden beds and a good many scattered in the grass. First come the snow crocuses, followed by the large Dutch crocuses, extending the season. And the squirrels move them around, so they show up in unexpected places, which is always a surprise. It’s joyous! I hope yours do well!


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