season of ripening

season of ripening

i did not know that i had a minor fascination with crabapples until i searched my archive today, and found i have been photographing crabapples every year since 2012. this year’s photo, here, is the most colorful though. i guess i never realized just how many varieties there are, and how varied the fruits were. sometimes, i still feel like a newbie when it comes to paying attention to my natural surroundings. overall, that’s a good thing. i had fun gathering these apples yesterday. like a treasure hunt for adults.

p.s. today is our anniversary. 33 years. i was 25 when we got married. steve was 23. we were just kids, so unformed and malleable. we got lucky because we grew together as we got older. but it is easy to see how couples could grow apart…how one person matures into someone quite different than who they were as a young adult. kids are waiting longer to get married these days. its probably a good thing. i am grateful for my partner of 33 years. i would do it all again. i think i got pretty lucky.

a variety of crabapples in september

  • Ginny says:

    Happy anniversary, and congrats!
    The crab apples would make a delightful kitchen towel (of all strange things ;)


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