i have what i call my specimen table, which moves about the house depending on the season, and which holds the mostly accounted for, but not quite dismissed, sheaves of flora that i have harvested from the local landscape over the prior weeks, or sometimes, to my embarrassment, months. yesterday, just in time for thanksgiving, in need of some usable horizontal surface, i lifted an armful of vegetation from my specimen table, which has most recently resided in my kitchen, and just look at the gorgeous mess that got left behind. it is so much prettier than anything i could have arranged myself that i decided it deserved a thanksgiving day feature. may you all be burdened with love and plenty on this day full of thanks, whether compatriots celebrating thanksgiving day, or simp├íticos simply feeling grateful for nature’s mystery and abundance.

specimens table november remnants

my kitchen, saint paul, minnesota

  • Rags Edward says:

    Sweet riotous Nature! Am I the only person to have noticed your little ant while scrolling through your site? Adorable. Really!


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