in the family of legumes

in the family of legumes

a few days ago i came across some white bleeding heart in my neighbors garden. i picked a handful (with permission) and spent the afternoon trying to capture them in a photo. i failed miserably. yes, i still struggle with capturing white subjects on a white background after ten year. this morning, i innocently asked my husband “what happening right now?” and he quickly answered “the black locust trees are blooming.” so, i walked down the block to the place where i know black locust trees grow, and i snipped a branch in full bloom. then i spent an hour trying to capture their white blossom on a white background. F R U S T R AT E D. i may have said his name in vain a time or two. the only saving grace was the sweet perfume coming off these blossoms. it makes me wonder if it’s been bottled. i was truly lovely–not too sweet or cloying, just lovely. anyway, i muscled my way to a photo i was happy with. but honestly, the leaves are show. i should have forgotten about the white blossoms and just photographed them. maybe (probably) tomorrow i will do just that.

black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

  • Carol says:

    The dried blossoms make a delicious fragrant tea


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