pine cone galaxy

i was so smitten with the large assemble i shot of all our finds in languedoc, that i was inspired to do more of the same.  thus the bones, and now pine cones.

i pick up new-to -me pine cones whenever i come across them. i keep them in a box in my storage room.  i always assumed i would use them some day for holiday decor–on a table or mantel.  but STILL blog is a much better use, don’t you agree?

my collection includes cones from :  australian pine, cedar, jack pine, balsam, cypress, douglas fir, austrian pine, scotch pine, norway spruce, white and black spruce, red pine, white pine, atlas cedar, parasol pine, longleaf pine, and sequoia redwood

minnesota, florida, georgia, california, and languedoc, france

  • margie says:

    fabulous collection and i love the arrangement


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