broken packaging

i thought six eggs per day from the back yard might be too many for us to keep up with. i needn’t have worried. veggie egg scrambles, frittatas, spinach omelets, quiches, egg sandwiches, gougères, salade catalane, egg salad, poached, fried, à la coque, soft boiled, and hard boiled, and that is before the occasional half-carton cadged by guests, friends, and family. which is all a way of saying, keep ’em coming, girls!

a tall stack of eggshells from our six golden buff hen eggs

saint paul, minnesota

  • Margie says:


  • You must have 6 chickens. I thought the same thing. Sometimes there will be 2.5 dozen in the fridge and I’ll think, “I hope these don’t go to waste!” Then a week later I’ll go to bake something and there will only be three eggs in there!


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