peace on earth

peace on earth

the olive branch as a symbol of peace can be traced back as far as ancient egypt. it was adopted by, and often associated with, the ancient greeks, and subsequently the romans. christianity continued the classical symbolism by having the dove (holy spirit) carry back to noah, during the great flood, an olive branch in its beak to let him know that god’s wrath on mankind was ending and that land was near. the olive branch as a symbol of peace¬†continues to be used in the modern world. a close-up look at the bald eagle on the one-dollar bill, shows that the bird is clasping an olive branch in its right talon. the UN signals its commitment to peacekeeping on its blue and white flag, which shows a map of the world encircled by twin olive branches.

this seems like as good a season as any to offer an olive branch. to you and to whoever else will accept it.

olive branch with black fruit from our terrace, autignac, france

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