one day in july

one day in july

yesterday, a photographer and writer from my local newspaper (the minneapolis star/tribune…aka the strib) came out t0 the house to take a few photos of me “doing STILL.” the photos will be part of a feature story they plan to run in september, in celebration of 10 years of STILL. so, in order to give the photographer something to work with, i took a stroll around my yard and gathered a handful of specimens. she took a few photos. and i thought maybe we were done. but we weren’t. she asked–gulp–if i would make a STILL composition. making assemblages and compositions on the spot, while carrying on a conversation/interview with the writer, is hard for me. it’s asking me to do a split brain thing–talk (intelligently) about my STILL process, and do my (inuitive) STILL process at the same time. but of course, what always happens when i am working under time pressure and other constraints, what came out was better than i would have expected. thanks, rene, for cracking the whip.

bit and pieces from a stroll through my yard in mid-july

  • Charmian McLellan says:

    Awww! So sweet!


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