on losing my virginity

on losing my virginity

many of you, perhaps most of you, are familiar to scabiosa. well, until today i have been a scabiosa virgin. this is my very first time with scabiosa. to be perfectly honest, it was not everything i imagined it would be. i have admired scabiosa from afar for a very long time. but by the time i got around to it, she had already lost interest. and some color, i might add. it was a little disappointing actually. but then again, the first time often is.

a little wiki search tells me this flower is native to my beloved mediterranean region. next time in southern france, i will now be on the look-out for a wild version in its true colors.

scabiosa stellata seed pod

  • Susan L. says:

    1973. I remember it like it was yesterday, and yes, it was quite disappointing. Far less satisfying than your scabiosa, truth be told.


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