on knowing your grains

on knowing your grains

according to wiki, the grass family contains over 9,000 species distributed throughout the world. of that, 35 have been cultivated as cereals. i am sheepish to admit that i can only recognize about 5 of them by sight: wheat, corn, oats, rice and rye.  after that, i would be pretty much guessing. humans started cultivating wheat and barley in the levant (syria) about 9000 years ago. at the same time, east asia was domesticating rice and millet. yup, i said 9000 years. 9000 years man has been living in co-dependence with these plants (they allowed for increased populations, leading to larger societies, and eventually the development of cities.) they are at the root of modern civilization. and i can’t even confidently recognize barley. #sad

canada rye

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