on cats’ feet

this is a close up photo of the feet of the juvenile great horned owl we came across this summer.  i can’t get over how the feathers look like fur, and the feet look like kitten paws. those murderous incurved talons, on the other hand, do not remind me of kittens.

great horned owl feet and talons

near ely, minnesota

  • Kerry says:

    Stunning! I witnessed a mom great horned with two babies this year. What a treat. The photos look like some sort of hybrid, mythilogical thing.

    • that totally captures what those feet look like! thank you so much for putting it into words.

  • Tracy says:

    Was it dead?

    • yes, it was roadkill that reminded me why i always keep white paper in the back of my car. it was so magnificent it seemed a shame simply to leave it behind for a DOT worker to shovel into the back of a pickup. i hope i managed to convey some of the awe, bordering on a kind of love, i felt for that incredible fallen creature.


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