my 18 year old son’s high school graduation ceremony was yesterday. so, although many local wonders are happening outside right now (spruce tips, pine candles, linden bracts, irises, roadsides full of dame’s rocket, to name a few…) i photographed instead these very lovely, non-native, tropical protea flowers because they were in a vase on my kitchen counter where i put them three weeks ago when i bought them at the grocery in order to use some of the materials for making my son’s corsage and boutonnière for his high school prom. so, as you may have inferred from that long, run-on sentence, our house has been preoccupied as of late. you would think that the easiest thing for me to reach for under the circumstances would be the spruce tips in my back yard. but no, the closest things to hand were a pair of tropical protea blooms native to south africa. i’m sure that says something about the current state of the world. but i’m too preoccupied right now to figure it out.

protea flowers

  • Susan L. says:

    Congratulations to your son. Mine graduated a million years ago, it seems. Time is as fleeting as the life of a blossom.


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