nine years of crab apple season

nine years of crab apple season

i’ve said it before…i think we have as many crabapple blossoms in minnesota as japan has cherry blossoms. we were simply a little bit more casual about how and where our pink, spring explosions were planted.

crab apple blossoms have just begun to open here. i gathered a few of the very first ones today. spring crabapple blossoms are the definition of excess and joyful abundance. every year i wrestle with how to convey the utter exuberance of the season in the STILL style, and i fall short. perhaps STILL and excessive abundance are oxymorons, and i should quit hitting my head against the wall. lucky for you, i have a very thick skull, so i will keep trying to capture this joyful abundance. STILL-like.

crabapple blossoms

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