when I took this photo, i was trying to to visualize it as a black and white image through my viewfinder because i wanted the photo to be about the outlines and shapes and not about the colors. and in fact, when i first looked at the color version of the image, all i could see were a couple of cherry-red highbush cranberries. there was no easy way to assess the pattern of the elements without getting distracted by color. i like this version much better, but i didn’t realize until i corrected to black and white that i had also invented an alphabet of glyphs. part of me wants to give each one a meaning, and start sending indecipherable emails in the language of fallen nature.

bits and pieces of found nature

  • Ginny says:

    Oh, do go with your inclination! My first impression was ‘hieroglyphics’. How fun to have a written language of nature. Conversely, your nature photographs speak a language that doesn’t anything more definitive, so…


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