more patience than creativity

sometimes you accomplish something impressive because you experienced a great leap of imagination and synthesis that generated something new and beautiful almost out of thin air. and sometimes you accomplish something because you were just doggedly patient enough to see it through. the pattern above was one of the plough-horse variety. i created a font, and very patiently filled in the letters, staying in the lines like a 1st grader with a set of crayolas and my tongue sticking out between my teeth. and yet? i sort of love it. inspiration can come some other day. today, i’ll take patience.

crushed fall leaves, dried hydrangea blossoms, willow leaves, twigs, box elder seeds

saint paul, minnesota

  • Dede says:

    Rarely miss a day, but what the heck happened yesterday-best news ever. Well done and can’t wait to get my hands on for my new chrysalis of my home. Thank you and congrats!


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