make a promise to the planet

make a promise to the planet

Happy Earth Day!  If you are a reader of STILL, you don’t need any reminders about the preciousness of this planet we call home. Having one day a year of bringing that reminder to the attention of the general public is…well…better than nothing. But for us, I know you are with me here, every day is Earth Day.  If you want to mark the day with a little something more than the usual, here are a few suggestions:

  • Spend an hour picking up garbage in a local park or roadside
  • Plant a native tree
  • Spend an hour eradicating invasives like buckthorn or garlic mustard
  • Join a nature conservancy in your area
  • Learn to recognize one new native plant in your neighborhood
  • Commit to memory one new bird song
  • Figure out one new way to permanently eliminate plastics from your home

Let’s make Earth Day every day, my kindred spirits! I am grateful for every one of you. xo Mary Jo

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