lakeshore csi

usually when i walk it is just the dog and i. we walk in silence. jack’s nose and my eyes both on high alert. recently, my friend kristin has been joining us once a week.  the last time we walked, we happened upon these flicker feathers.  they weren’t exactly in a pretty little pile for us. they were scattered about and happened, as you all now know, to look exactly like the yellow willow, oak, walnut, ash, and birch leaves littering the edge of the trail. i found one. then another. and then i just knew. i must have looked like a hunting dog on a scent trail. i started walking in tight circles. eyes fixed on the ground. i began muttering to myself about a how someone had lost a struggle here last night. and slowly but surely i found over two dozen feathers. my friend kristin, finely broke my concentration when she announced “walking with you is like watching a csi movie.”

northern flicker feathers

vadnais lake trail, saint paul, minnesota

p.s. about that log lady… not yet. not yet.

  • margie says:

    ha , my daughter studied wildlife forensic science for her undergraduate degree


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