letting go

i don’t know why, but i have a really hard time letting go of my STILL blog specimens and returning them to nature.  i get attached.  they tend to gather and pile up on most of the horizontal surfaces of my home.  this assemblage was put  together with just the specimens on the table on our terrace in autignac, france. only a few of them made it to minnesota in my suitcase. the rest was returned to languedocien soil.

i like this photo.  it feels like a fitting wrap-up to our three and a half months in southern france.

autignac, france

  • margie says:

    i ADORE this photograph
    you and i have so much in common.

  • janine says:

    While I love all your images, this is my absolute favorite. I am delighted that you will be continuing your work on this site in the coming year. Thank you!

    • still says:

      Wow! Thank you to each of you. What an encouraging way to begin 2013. I a loving doing STILL blog more than I ever imagined; I am so much more knowledgeable about my surroundings, my photography is getting better, and the daily routine of it is keeping me in a more creative place all day long. I am so grateful for all of you who stop by. And especially for you select few who leave comments :-)
      Many thanks, Mary Jo


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