left behind

i am having fun revisiting my various collections.

this is only part of my feather collection.  whenever i am out walking, i pick up feathers and put them in a special box.  the majority of these come from my yard or my local walking trails.  there are a few however from various vacations, and at least one from the flamingo exhibit at como zoo

saint paul, minnesota

the feathers i can confidently identify include:  egret, canada goose, bald eagle, wild turkey, barred owl, pheasant, crow, gull, ruffed grouse, pigeon, blue jay, yellow shafted flicker, flamingo, mallard, cardinal, woodpecker, junco, cedar wax wing

  • janine says:

    beautiful – I have a similar collection, but no flamingo feathers!

  • Mario says:

    Wonderfull collection!

    • still says:

      Thank You!

  • Matt says:

    The third feather in (going largest to smallest) is a Great Horned Owl, as is the one mirroring it (it’s a small contour feather of similar texture). Very nice collection!


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