it’s a fine line

it’s a fine line

peonies are in blossom everywhere. everywhere except my yard that is. we have too much shade. so, it is taking all of my will power and then some not to steal a blossom or two of this favorite flower from someone’s side yard, where they are spilling over with such heavy profusion that the owners couldn’t possibly miss one blossom. or maybe two. i would never do that of course. it would be against the rules of neighborliness and decorum. although i do pride myself on being something of a rule breaker. but regardless, i would never do that.┬ánever, as in, like, almost 100 percent never.

peony bud and blossom

  • Ginny Talbert says:

    Ha!! The peony police must have been distracted. Did you leave donuts on the other side of someone’s yard, Miss Almost 100%? You make me smile.


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