rothko like? nah. there’s no other rothko but rothko.

rothko like? nah. there’s no other rothko but rothko.

mark rothko is one of my favorite painters. i was going to make a claim that this composition was rothko-inspired. but then i looked at his wiki page, and i thought “oh no you can’t compare this simple color block to a rothko painting. his blocks expand. and contract. and stir up emotions from death to enlightenment. they are spiritual. how dare you compare these simple tonal blocks to his work?” then i got over it, and thought; “ok,  i was thinking about him when i pushed these balsam needles into place.” it’s an homage if not a recreation. an appreciation. thank you, mr. rothko, for whatever of you is in this, and whatever of me is aware of you.

balsam needles, old and young 

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