inordinate fondness for seedpods

inordinate fondness for seedpods

j. b. s. haldane was a great british entomologist who classified hundreds of species of beetles, perhaps the most widely varying form of life on earth. late in his career, he spoke to a group of churchgoers about his work. feeling metaphysical, they asked him to reflect on what science had taught him about the mind of God. “i’ve deduced,” he replied, “that God has an inordinate fondness for beetles.” which reminds me, of two things. one, i am not a great scientist although i think that would have been as thrilling in its way as being an artist. and two: i am also not god, although i would love to meet her some day, and if that ever happens, i will talk about my inordinate fondness for seedpods, and ask why they were made so beautiful and so strange.

lotus seedpods

  • Kate says:

    Form & function! Have had a pair of these keeping watch over my dish-doing at the kitchen sink for weeks now. Had to nod & smile when they appeared as your gift of the day. Reminds me to take another look at what’s right in front of my nose. Thanks, Mary Jo!


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