in transition

i don’t think i mentioned that while we were in southern france last fall, my husband wrote a series of articles called “letters from france” for the taste section of our local paper, the minneapolis star tribune.  well, that series won a national food journalism award (yay stevie!), and we just got back yesterday from the awards ceremony in park city, utah.

the greens and golds in this photo mark the point when summer turned to fall here in the upper midwest. our return from the AFJ (Association of Food Journalists) awards will also mark our family’s transition from busy summer to the quieter fall season, full of late afternoon fires, red wine, homework, and something braising in the oven.

wild grass stems, possibly sedge

saint paul, minnesota

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    I am interested in purchasing a book of your work but am unable to e-mail you through the contact information on this site. If you wouldn’t mind e-mailing me prices I would very much appreciate it! Thank you! Sarah


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