dogs are like grandchildren, you get to spoil them

i found every one of these feathers on a single walk along my favorite trail. it is a no dogs allowed trail, except that i brought my dog anyway, which makes me a bad dog owner, but not any worse a dog owner than i already was, as you would understand if you ever met my spoiled, ill behaved puggle with a sense of entitlement and a severe case of separation anxiety.

a collection of feathers found on one 8 km walk

vadnais lake trail, saint paul, minnesota

  • betsy caldwell says:

    Hi! Do you know what type bird the gray feather with white dots along the outside edges come from? I find those in my yard in Nashville TN from time to time. I love polka dots!

    • Hi Betsy,
      That’s a woodpecker feather. It’s probably either a Downy or a Hairy woodpecker.
      They are my favorite too! The polka dots are so perfect.
      Mary Jo

  • betsy caldwell says:

    Cool! Thank you! I have seen Downys here. Love this blog!


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