entering the zone

entering the zone

each time we have come to france, at some point during our stay, i have entered a fairly intense period of creative flourishing. one year it was adapting a newly launched still blog to the landscape of the mediterranean garrigue. one year it was experimenting with painting. one year with drawing. one year with collage. just today again, i felt that deep flow of energy for the first time this trip, after a number of distractions and a lot of travel since our arrival. several weeks ago, i bought some very fine gauge wire, and have started to play with my nature scraps, mostly twigs at the moment. i am slowly turning them into simple wall sculptures. this afternoon the sun shone through the south patio doors, it was over seventy degrees, and like a cold blooded creature on a sun warmed rock, i was suddenly energized, even a little buzzy. it does no good to force it, but i do hope this is the beginning of one of those delicious stretches of timeless creative play.

eucalyptus trigs

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