heading to o’keeffe country

heading to o’keeffe country

when you see this, i will most likely be on a plane to santa fe, new mexico for a four-day girls’ weekend with my college friends from uw madison in the 1980s. i have plans to visit georgia o’keeffe’s studio at ghost ranch Abiquiú. in preparation for the trip, i started reading her lettters. i’m completely hooked and stealing time from other activities to read them. i recommend them for anyone interested in the creative process. one of the interesting tidbits i have learned is that she insisted her flower paintings were never meant to have sexual overtones. she insisted that she simply observed closely and painted what she saw. she told several critics that if they saw sexual innuendo, they were projecting themselves onto her work because she was simply painting flowers. i believe her. do you?

(innocent) white orchid

  • Patty says:

    Small world…my Mom returned to UW-Madison to finish her BA, then get her MA in Fine Art during the early to mid 80s. She was a HUGE fan of O’Keefe & made her own personal pilgrimage to the SW after graduating. I wonder if you two ever crossed paths?


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