happy tax day my fellow americans!

happy tax day my fellow americans!

i don’t typically celebrate man-made holidays too much here on STILL blog. it’s not a rule, nor is it all that intentional. i guess STILL blog is simply where i come to contemplate the non-manmade for at least a moment of each day. but, today i make an exception. husband of the blog, steve, is a tax preparer. and today is the tax filing deadline for all americans. steve has been working 7 days a week since february and 16 hour days for the past few weeks. and the madness stops tonight. hip hip hooray it’s tax day! if you think of it, make a toast the hoffmans tonight at dinner. we survived another tax season. which means more time and attention for our creative work through the rest of the year. which we then get to share with you all. thank you for being on this journey with us. 💛


p.s. no, the lilacs are not blooming in minnesota yet. i went into my archive and pulled a previously unpublished photo. i’m so desperate for a little spring color, that i simply couldn’t bring myself to publish another winter twig bouquet or dried botanical assemblage.

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